ToMB2: Month Two Plans

I’m playing Malifaux at Adepticon, so I’m eager to get started on models for month two. From my first game with Zoraida, I saw a few gaps:

  • Not enough Swampfiends
  • Not enough Voodoo Doll tricks
  • Not enough skill (sadly, can’t just buy that..)
Month Two Commitments Ready to Prime
Month Two Commitments Ready to Prime

For Swampfiends, Waldgeists are the obvious answer. They’ll help give more Bad Juju entry points, and can hold a ton of ground with a 4″ engagement range.

For the Voodoo Doll, I think a Nurse would make a nice addition. She can be hired thanks to Zoraida’s Enthrall ability, and can hand out a ton of conditions through the Voodoo Doll. Her base attack hands out +4 Poison. Plus, Take Your Meds is a toolbox: it can give Paralyze while healing the Doll, or restrict actions enough to practically be Paralyzed.

Finally, I want to add a Performer into the mix. She’s can Interact while engaged through Don’t Mind Me, and can discard enemy scheme markers at range with Seduction. Finally, her Sip of Wine trigger on Siren Call can combo the Nurse’s and Zoraida’s Poison on the Hem target to do a bunch of damage at once.

As for accounting, I’m going to steal an idea from Rathnard and pretend I’m selling extra models for 2/3 the purchase price. I’m actually using the limited edition Performer from Wyrd’s Black Friday sale, but I’ll use the pricing for the metal one. It puts me $2.50 in the hole for month two. Maybe I’m just trying to justify it, but I’m going to do these models ahead of Adepticon one way or another. I might as well get credit for it.

Remaining from last month $10.00
New for month 2 $22.50
Total Available $32.50
(LGS sold for less than MSRP for some reason)
Nurses −$15.00
Sell extra Nurse
($7.50 * 2/3)
Performer & Mannequin
(from Miniature Market)
Sell extra Mannequin
($5.25 * 2/3)
Remaining balance −$2.50

4 thoughts on “ToMB2: Month Two Plans”

  1. Our purchasing patterns are very similar. After month 2 the only difference is I have Iggy and you have a performer. (Although a performer may end up being part of my month 4 purchases). Also really looking forward to trying out the Nurse :)

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