Tale of Malifaux Bloggers II Month Zero

I’ve decided to take part in Ben Sime’s continuation of Tale of Malifaux Bloggers.  As a quick recap, the idea is to build up a collection over time.  Each month you get an allowance to buy, then build, paint, play, and finally ruminate on a set of models.  As Ben is in the UK, he’s established £60 for the first month and £25 in following.  I’m interpreting that as $60 and $22.50.

After being inspired by Episode 19 of the Before We Begin podcast, I’ve decided on Zoraida.  Yes, I’ve already got a ton of Neverborn.  That actually makes it a little more interesting, because I’ll want to avoid anything I already have.  There’s also the possibility of expanding into Gremlins.

Zoraida and friends
Zoraida and friends

In Before We Begin, Ewan Smart describes a Zoraida crew based around a bunch of Swampfiends being annoying everywhere, plus the Voodoo Doll comboed with a Sorrow.  That sounded pretty awesome, so I’m going to see if I can put my own twist on it.

For the first month, I’ll start with the Swamp Hag box.  I’m a firm believer in paying where you play, so I picked it up at Game Kastle while I was playing the league game.  That uses $50 of my $60 first month budget.  I’ll save the rest for next month.

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