Malifaux: Doppelganger

Continuing to round out my Neverborn, the Doppelganger sneaks her way into my collection.


I originally painted the towel thing flesh tones, as in Wyrd’s art.  It didn’t stand out enough, so brought it to a different, redder, flesh tone.  It still looked weird, so I ended up just re-doing it in white.

I’m not entirely fond of how the vertebrae worked out, but I like the rest of the musculature.

I tried something new when pinning this model.  It’s been very difficult to drill into the small feet of many Malifaux models.  This time, I took an actual pin (for sewing) and heated it in a cancel for about ten seconds.  Once it was nice and hot, I pushed it into the foot.  When cool, I cut off the head of the needle.

It worked fairly well, although you can see it a bit on the skinless foot.

Updated October 2016 with improved images.


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