Ultramarines: Assault Terminators Rebased

I bought these metal assault terminators back in the days of yore, and painted them up a couple years ago, when I got back into 40k.  At the time I left them on the 25mm bases they came with, but always felt a little dirty using them.  The time had come to make the move to 40mm, like modern terminators.

I was worried about them looking small on the new bases, so I decided to go for some Secret Weapon urban bases, like I used on the Deathwatch squad.

New 40mm bases
New 40mm bases

I decided to play with some weathering powders.  I was planning on putting some of the static grass and flock I use for most of the army, to bring it together, so put in some browns in a few places to represent dirt coming through the cracked asphalt.  I also tried putting some red around some of the bricks, to try to represent some bricks getting crushed and spread out, though I don’t think it really worked too well.

Assault Terminators

I snapped off the old bases and cut off the metal tab with a razor saw.  The feet needed a little touching up with black paint from where I cut. I found a spot on each base where the feet would be flat, and pinned them in.

Assault Terminatorsf

All in all I think they fill the base out pretty nicely, especially the lightning claws. Here you can see the static grass which hopefully ties it into the rest of the army.

Someday I might rebase everybody, but for now I’m telling myself that they’re tied in closely enough.

Updated September 2018 with improved images.

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