Ultramarines: Cato Sicarius

I picked up this Sicarius model as part of a store closing sale almost a year ago.  It’s the last of the Ultramarines HQs in my collection.  I decided to do him up in 5th company colors, to fit in with the rest of my Ultramarines.

Cato Sicarius

This is the Finecast version, and I expect it to be the last fully Finecast model I do.  The gold detailing on the breastplate sheered off from the main body in places.  I didn’t do too much to fix it — let’s call it battle damage.

The sunburst pattern under the skull on the shoulder pad turned out a little weird.  Maybe keeping it all gold or all silver would have been a better choice.

Backlog keeps on shrinking.  Next up is a Techmarine that’s been sitting unloved for far too long.

Updated July 2018 with improved images.

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