Malifaux: Miss Ery (Teddy)

Miss Ery is the Wyrd Gencon bonus model for this year.  It goes together pretty easily, and is a fairly nice model.  There are some weird lines on the torso, which I think is from milling out the mold at not-quite-high-enough resolution.  Hard to argue with the price, though.

Miss Ery
Miss Ery

I played with putting some of GW’s “technical” Blood for the Blood God” paint here.  I started applying it before Dullcoting, which I realized was silly (part of makes it work is the wet/glossy texture).  I just went over most of it again after applying the varnish.

I decided to go for metal for stitching as well as the claws.  I thought it would make her look more menacing.

Miss Ery (detail)
Miss Ery (detail)

I’m still not quite sure what the tuft on the top patch is supposed to be.  It doesn’t look like leaking stuffing, or anything else for that matter.

What a cuddly teddy bear.

Updated October 2016 with improved images.

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