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Fallout: Super Mutants Faction Box

I have vague ideas about playing Fallout single player, coop, or just with a bunch of NPCs on the board. That gives me an excuse to paint (and buy) everything. The main starter box gives a start for the super mutants. Here are a few more.

Super Mutant Brute

Like in the two-player starter, the Brute’s hammer was a bit bent. I was able to mostly reshape this resin model with heat. I didn’t end up needing to replace the shaft entirely like the PVC starter box model.

Super Mutant Master

The Master is the one unique guy in the box, at least according to the stat cards. He has a nice hat.

Disappointingly, these are the same sculpts, down to the base, as in the two-player starter. I went with a different paint scheme so they can be used as Fiends. Or just to be different.

The box comes with three generic “Super Mutants”. I decided to keep one in reserve for future conversions.

Super Mutants Faction Box

Fallout: Starter Box Super Mutants

Last time was the Survivors, now it’s time for the starter set Super Mutants.


The Aviator is the top dog. You can tell because he has the coolest hat. I gave each of the Super Mutants a different color to make it easier to refer to them.


Overall the Super Mutants faired better in the PVC, except for the Brute. His hammer’s shaft was hopelessly bent. I replaced it with a bit of styrene cut to size. Unfortunately I made it a bit too wide, so used green stuff to enlarge the segment between fists from the original model.

Super Mutant

This model is listed as a generic Super Mutant. How dull. He doesn’t even get a hat.

I’m underwhelmed by the Mutant Hound models. They seem to be fillers, both here and in the various other boxes of models. But maybe they’re useful point fillers, too.

Starter Set Super Mutants (group)