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Dropzone: Thunder Wagons

Way back at Adepticon 2016, I got to the Hawk booth too late for special edition models. I still wanted to throw them some money, and I was taking some classes on weathering techniques. I decided to put the two together, and picked up my first Resistance models, the new (at the time) Thunder Wagons.

Of course, I left them in their package for many months. Even after I actually started Resistance, these guys didn’t make the initial cut. Now, I’ve finally gotten around to them.

The rockets turned out a bit fresher looking than I had intended. The look dusty, rather than truly ancient. On the other hand, I’m not sure a really rusted out shell could be expected to fly. So maybe I can get away with declaring it intentional.

Thunder Wagons in Kraken Hovercraft

I had bought myself a second Resistance starter for the Lifthawks. So while I was at it, I painted up the second set of gun wagons (in muted tones, to be distinguishable) and Kraken.

Gun Wagons (muted tones)
Gun Wagons (muted tones)

Dropzone: Breaching Drill

The lack of light dropships for Resistance really limits the mobility of infantry. If an objective is found, I don’t really want to dust off with a whole Lifthawk. With a drill deployed midfield, the Jackson APC can drop off the infantry underground.

Breaching Drill
Breaching Drill

I painted the body a bright off-white. The black and brown oil wash I’ve been using on resistance really dirtied it up nicely. I used the same paints I got for Team Yankee tank tracks on the side tracks of the drill. I think I might need to go back and do the same for other Resistance tracks.

Dropzone: Freeriders

They may have gotten nerfed, but I’m not about to let that get in the way of some vroom vrooms.

Putting the models on each base line abreast makes them feel slow. I know it’s not original, but the arrow formation really helps them look like they’re in motion.


Like I did for the infantry, pairs of bases got matching color treatment. That way, I can play two squads on the table and keep them distinguishable.

Dropzone: Gen Wade / Broadsword

This tank is just so ridiculously big I knew I had to have it. When Reconquest: Phase 2 included rules for it as a regular model, I didn’t have any excuses. Well, then I managed to find excuses not to paint it for a long time.

General Wade / Broadsword

What Dropzone energy I have right now is directed towards Resistance, but I’ll have something fun to turn to when I decide to switch back to UCM.