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Crisis Protocol: Ghost-Spider and Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Since I had Venom, I decided to make the Web Warriors and Spider Foes the initial affiliations for focus on. Web Warriors come first. So I need me some more spider persons.

Ghost Spider

Ghost Spider is mostly black and white, which makes for something of a challenge. I quite like the pink to jazz it up. I also covered part of the base with dirt material, to help hide the fact that there are only a few distinct bases.

Spider-man (Miles Morales)

The newspaper machine as part of this model just cracks me up. It’s one of the more interesting bits of a melded base and model I’ve seen in recent years.

Crisis Protocol: Starter Box Heroes

What good are villians without heroes to keep them busy?

Black Widow

I really appreciate that Crisis Protocol models often come with extras of some of the tiny parts, in case the carpet gods demand a sacrifice. In Black Widow’s case, there were extra hands.

Captain America

Captain America is ready for a rainy day.

Captain Marvel

Two captains in red and blue? You better believe it.

Iron Man

I tried to use a similar drybrush technique on Iron Man as I did on Ultron. While it worked on Ultron, Iron Man ended up awfully pale.


Spider-man’s red came out really dark. But at least it’s different from the reds on Captain America and Captain Marvel.

Core Set Heroes

Crisis Protocol: Starter Box Villians

The Crisis Protocol starter box has a nice set of heroes and villians to get your collection going. Here are the villians.

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo gets the party started with a big sword. Look out, he’ll poke you.


Crossbones is the one character from this set I wasn’t previously aware of. Please feel free to revoke my geek card.

Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus is the odd one out in this set, as the only non-Cabal character. But it helps to cement that you should mix and match.

Red Skull

I present you with the largest sugar cube ever produced!


Big metal models like this tend to turn out flat. I applied a lot of color with a drybrush at the end, which hopefully manages to avoid the worst of it.

Core Set Villians